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About The Guide Service

Experience the Mojave Desert

Most people only visit the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, they never truely experience it. Jim's guide service is for people that want to experience life, not just see it as it passes them by. It is for people that know how to enjoy life, and its pleasures. Maybe a fine bottle of wine, a quality cigar, a gourmet meal, or a craft beer or soda.

There are no cookie cutter adventures with Jim. Every experience for every individual is different, exciting, and based on your interests. Unlike other "guide services" or "Jeep tours," we actually visit the backcountry, giving you the opportunity to see what few other people will ever see in the lifetime, ie: petroglyphs, pictographs, ghost towns, abandoned mines, and the many other secrets that the desert holds.

Your time with Jim is about you and your group. There are never other individuals or groups that crash your party. This allows Jim to focus his attention on you, answering your questions, and explaining the features of the desert.

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    Jim is the author of nearly a dozen desert related books.

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    Jim is certified in wilderness medicine.

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    Every experience is unique.

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    Available 24/7 - 365.

Specialty Services

While these are some of my most popular options, the range of opportunities are endless. Feel free to contact me with any special requests.
Death Valley Tour

Backcountry Guide Service to the hottest and most extreme place on the planet. Mines, archaeology, natural wonders. 4×4, and guided hiking & backpacking.

“Rock Art” – Petroglyphs / Pictographs Tour

Guide service to “Rock Art” sites across the Mojave Desert region.

Ghost Towns and Mines Tour

Guide Service to hundreds of abandoned mined and ghost towns across the Mojave Desert.

Film Location Scout

Whether you are in need of a particular landscape, land feature, “style” or “look” of a building, I’m here to help. I specialize in unique locations, not the same old garbage that every Hollywood scout is going to provide you with. I will provide you with location options that have never been seen before by the industry. Uniqueness is my charm.

Meet Jim

Jim Mattern
Jim Mattern
Jim’s specialties include Native American history, archaeological, historic site documentation, and natural wonders. He is well versed in, and active in environmental preservation.

In the March 25th, 2016 edition of Newsweek Magazine, Jim is described as, “California desert’s best last hope.”


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