Death Valley Jim – Desert Guide

Q & A

Is this a tour guide service?

No, Jim does not consider himself  a “tour guide”. Tour Guides have set agendas, they stick to established routes that have been set out for them by the company that they work for. Tour guides rarely, if ever venture off of the beaten path.

What makes this service different?

Jim’s guide service is based on your interest and needs. Jim works with you to establish locations that best fit what you are interested in seeing. There are no time limits on locations, if you need to spend three hours at one spot, it is not a problem. This service is about you!

Who should use Jim as a desert guide and why?

Jim’s services are great for photographers and production teams, as well as individuals and families that have an interest in the desert and remote locations. One of the more popular services that Jim provides is to Native American Rock Art sites. These sites are usually kept secret, and few know their locations. Jim will give you the opportunity to see and experience much more than the average person.

Are you medically trained?

Yes, Jim is trained in wilderness medical emergencies. He received his certification through Wilderness Medical Associates, the world’s leader in Wilderness Medicine.

Will people from other parties be joining me?

NEVER! When you use Jim as your guide, it is for you and your family/friends/associates only. Jim works on your clock!

How strenuous are the activities?

It varies based on interest / locations. Some locations have to be hiked into, sometimes the miles can really add up. Jim will discuss any hiking activities with you during the booking process to ensure that locations are chosen that fit your abilities.

How many people can I have in my party?

This is up for discussion. Contact me.

How is pricing calculated?

Please see pricing.

Is multiday service and overnights available?

Yes, Jim can provide service for as many days as you need.

Can you pick me up in Las Vegas or Los Angeles?

Yes, pick up and drop off in any major city is not a problem. There are additional fees associated with this service. Ask for details.

How do I secure your service?

Contact Jim via the contact form, or call (760) 587-8159. It is recommended that you secure the dates that you are interested well in advance (to ensure availability).