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Death Valley National Park is a massive place! With 5,219 square miles of land, with a majority of it being backcountry. Without the right training, equipment, and preparation the backcountry of Death Valley has the potential to be a scary and potentially deadly place!

The backcountry of Death Valley holds all of the secrets of the park – five major dune systems, palm oases, ghost towns, thousands of mines, Native American petroglyphs & pictographs, and countless geological wonders! Most people will never see these places, and never truly experience what Death Valley is all about.


Jim is the ONLY guide that offers a true backcountry experience in Death Valley National Park. Other tour services don’t go off the pavement, taking you only to places that you can drive to in your own car! Most of these services close up shop during the summer heat, but Jim operates year round.

Photographers, videographers, historians, hikers, and the curious are encouraged to get in touch. Jim works with you every step of the way to ensure that you are seeing the sites that will interest you the most.




Death Valley National Park single day service starts at $825, and includes pick-up and drop-off in Las Vegas. Two day service starts at $1,250. 

These starting rates are not per person, but per group of 3 people or less. 


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