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Testimonials / References


The following are testimonials from some of Jim’s clients.

Please feel free to contact them for references.


“Hiking in Death Valley with DV Jim is a true experience. He knows the park like no other, and his knowledge of archeology is unparalleled. We saw things we would never have seen without JIm guiding us.

Taking a bunch of sexagenarians into the desert for long hikes is not easy – Jim handled it with ease. I highly recommend DV Jim to anyone who wants to see the hidden Death Valley. He will take you there!”

-Paul Conrado
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“Thank you for a most extraordinary adventure, which you named in my honor, “Get Lost and Find Yourself” – we later dubbed, for obvious reasons, “Death Valley Boot Camp”!”

“From your knowledge of the vast countryside and its incredible history, to the canyon hikes (Beveridge, Hunter, Craig and White Cliffs), to encouraging me to try the difficult climbs (up waterfalls, no less – which I did!!), to the bumpy rides (wheee), to the chili dogs that tasted like gourmet food following treacherous hikes, to miles of trekking to reach those panoramic views, to the beautiful rocks – including petroglyphs and pictographs, to searching for some shade, to water and more water, to wind storms (even witnessed a “dirt devil”), to hot springs (shhh) … I could never have had that amazing experience without you – by far one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself!”

“You are the bomb of Death Valley! Oh, and thanks for letting me build and photograph a few cairns (so annoying) and write some messages in the sand … of course, we put things back to normal as part of the “leave no trace” mentality/philosophy – you taught me so much!!”

“I highly encourage anyone who feels the need for an amazing adventure to book a trip with Death Valley Jim!”

-Julie Flores (Adventure Seeker)
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“Our creative experience of filming The Band Perry’s new music video in Death Valley was unbelievable. And without Jim, we never would’ve found our way around to such cool places. He’s awesome, knows Death Valley like the back of his hand, and is a super nice guy.”

-Owen Thomas (Film Director)
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“If fun filled adventure in the Death Valley area is what you are looking for, then Death Valley Jim is your guy! Jim is a skilled off road driver and a very knowledgeable guide for the area. He knew the history and geology of each place we visited and led us on several hikes to rock art, abandoned mines and picturesque landscapes during a two day adventure near the Panamint Mountain Range.”

-Astro Beck (Photographer / Author)
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“Patricia, Mathilde and I, would like to thank you very much for the wonderful tour that we did with you in Saline Valley and around. This has been extremely interesting and this is clearly something that we will never forget. We wanted to see petroglyphs and other Indian relics, our wishes have been fulfilled above all expectations.”

-Dominique Boutigny
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“Visiting Death Valley was my dream for many years and I am glad that I chose Jim as my introducer, as my first guide to show me my dream. I was amazed. I expected to see what Death Valley looked like, I was dreaming about standing on the endless roads in the middle of the desert seeing them disappearing somewhere close to horizon – and my dreams had come true. But there was something I never expected, the dirty roads went high into the mountains, abandoned towns and sleeping outside, seeing all of the stars above.”

“I recommend Jim as professional guide who knows the history of the places, professional 4WD driver and nice person to talk to. For photographers it is a paradise to go with him – I had enough time to take pictures wherever I wanted.”

-Aleksandr Stzhalkovski (Professional Photographer)
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Moscow, Russia


“We were impressed by DVJ’s professional manner and positive attitude.  Our decision to utilize DVJ’s services as our guide worked out very well, and I have no hesitation in recommending him highly.  He was enthusiastic, professional, and eager to share his knowledge of the area’s wonders.  These attributes make him a top notch guide.”

-Rajan Parrikar (Professional Photographer)
Parrikar Photography
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California, USA


“The Eastern Mojave desert is a place of endless wonders. One does not visit the Eastern Mojave, one joins the hardy souls who have explored, cursed, and loved it over the millennia. I know of no better guide, companion and kindred spirit in your explorations than Jim Mattern.”

-Kenneth Johnson (Author/Photographer)
Vegas Traces
Las Vegas, Nevada


“Jim knows the desert like no other! We enjoyed our two-day personalized tour with Jim in Death Valley. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating, and showed us places that met our interests that aren’t even on the map! With Jim, our time was well spent…and we look forward to our next trip together.”

-Jeanne Drennen
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Carlsbad, CA


“My production team came from Chile to record a segment on the Mojave Desert. We hired Jim to provide us with remote desert locations for filming, and transportation to and from these sites. Jim was able to provide us with prime locations, and worked patiently with us during the sometimes long filming process. Jim was an asset to our production team.”

-Gonzalo Argandoña (Television Director)
Cabala Producciones
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“Jim’s tours are truly breathtaking and anyone will be absolutely awe-struck by the hidden gems along his tours. He has a passion for the desert and knows so many unexplored places. He’s respectful of the environment and I’m glad he’s out there. Respect for the rock art and environment along with awareness is exactly how the desert environment and archeology are going to be preserved.”

-Barbara Zaragoza (Author)
South Bay Compass
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San Diego, CA


“A knowledgeable and trustworthy guide, an expert explorer of extreme lands, a great photographer. Jim took me to amazing unexplored areas of the Death Valley.The way that Jim guided me through these amazing places, and his passion for them, will remain unsurpassed.”

-Riccardo Motta (Athlete)
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“It was one of the most memorable experiences of our vacation and also we feel so honoured and privileged to see something so spectacular today. It was once in a lifetime opportunity and we enjoyed your touring very much.”

-Nathaniel & Clarissa Yates (Tourist)
Perth, Australia